¿Qué es Institución Futuro?

What is Institución Futuro?

The Institución Futuro is a catalyst of ideas and actions aimed at designing and promoting a better socioeconomic future for the civil society of Navarra by means of analysis of public policy and the presentation of innovative proposals obtained through research and analysis.

As a centre of socioeconomic research, the institution studies the development of the region in the long term in order to create action plans. In addition, the institution acts as an Observatory, detecting and applying the most notable trends that originate in the Knowledge Society.

Institución Futuro is an independent, non-profit organization, declared to be of social interest. Its members belong to the business or professional sector and have no political or ideological affiliations. They aspire to participate in the construction of the best possible future for Navarra through innovative, integrated and coherent proposals, compatible with the economic and social reality of region. Members of Institución Futuro hope that the organization may be a space for strategic thinking disseminating quality knowledge to medium and long term decision makers.

The organization investigates areas such as foreign investment, taxation and innovation, the public image of Navarra, the managerial spirit, the strategic prospective, health services and immigration.  Researchers from economic and sociology backgrounds collaborate with a network of University experts and professionals to carry out these investigations. The institution is also responsible for editing various publications. TheTendencias de Futuro, is a journal that covers ideas and current research from various think tanks worldwide, while Sinopsis de Opinióncollates the most outstanding opinion articles from the national press. In addition, the institution organizes conferences and specialized seminars.  Institución Futuro is a member of the European network of think tanks, The Stockholm Network and the international network Atlas Economic Research Foundation.


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